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ALLPACKS International is highly specialized in the engineering, development, production and worldwide distribution of hydraulic- and electrical driven equipment for various industries, which vary from Foundation to Offshore companies.

ALLPACKS INTERNATIONAL has long-lasting experience, in-house knowledge and technology in this particular field of hydraulics, especially in Hydraulic Vibratory Hammers and Hydraulic- and Electrical Power Units, either combined with each other or only single units for the Offshore industry.

Thanks to a dedicated and experienced Engineering Team, ALLPACKS International is able to fulfi any requirement and work closely with the customer on the final design of the product. From design and engineering to assembling and testing, to delivery and commissioning to after service around the world 24/7, ALLPACKS International has all these divisions in-house to advice and closely support out partners in every continent.

You will find our products around the globe, from Russial to Brazil, from Scandinavia to Australia and various regions and countries inbetween. This proven track record shows the very high quality of your final requested product.


We are able to offer a wide range of free hanging and excavator mounted vibratory hammers.


Allpacks currently carries are our tailor made Hydraulic power packs for the offshore industry with a wide range of applications.


Our services includes worldwide aftersales, maintenance and providing spare parts


All of our products have the European mandatory conformity mark “CE” certifying they meet safety, health and environmental requirements.

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